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cute boyfriend,
i loved this! while my bf dutifully oohs and aahs over any and all of my creations (and once even braved 2 michael's and a hobby lobby to surprise me with stamp i mentioned in passing) i'm not sure that he's man enough to use my paper trimmer. (oh the horror!) thanks for sharing your charming induction into the scrapbooking world.


Hi Jamie (commenter above me). This blog is awesome, please keep going! My bf has yet to actually be involved in the creation of a sb page, but he is at the point where he will give me ticket stubs and other things from our dates and tell me "here, you can use this in our scrapbook." Cute Girl is very lucky!

Scrapbook Guy

So that's why she asked for the stubs when we went to the movies for the first time! I noticed other souvenirs of our adventures seemed to make it into a folder but wasn't sure why til you mentioned it. One more bit of insight into her mind. Maybe she isn't an overly organized packrat after all. :)

Scrapbook Guy

That's awesome that he remembered the stamp and chased it down. I am overwhelmed when she mentions something specific like a stamp because it seems like there are millions of them out there. The paper trimmer was pretty easy. I just pretended I was cutting hardwood flooring in really small pieces.


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Scrapbooking (also known as the wallet drain! ;)).

My husband has been such a huge supporter of my habit, uh hobby, and I can tell you that I feel so very fortunate to have his support. I am sure Cute Girl feels the same way.

As for those unsupervised trips to Michael's, Joann's or other LSSs (local scrapbook stores), just know we women might look a bit surprised to find you wandering the aisles, but we welcome you just as we have been welcomed in the aisles of Home Depot and Lowe's. And, we love tools just as much as you guys do so you might even find that there's less need to justify those tool purchases now that you have crossed over to the dark side!

Happy crafting...or simply supporting! :)

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