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Nancy Jo

You have a wonderful way of writing and telling stories. I am totally enjoying your perspective on this.

Cute Girlfriend will no doubt ask you to contribute journaling to her scrapbooking soon if she hasn't already.

Keep up those dictionary entries. Love them!


I'm so sorry for your loss. But I am thrilled that you had such a great relationship with your Mother. And there is no such thing as being "to close" to another human being. She made you who you are and you can't should never be apologitic for that!!

I love that your starting to scrapbook! I know some other men who do the same and they have not lost their "man card". They are family men who's wives aren't into keeping the families memories in order, journaled nor photos. So the man has taken over. I also know couples who do it as well. Have fun, enjoy it!

I'm going to introduce you to the best place on earth to go...it's called twopeasinabucket.com. There is a message board for General Scrapbooking where you will learn a lot about the craft as well as be totally enabled to go out and buy the latest and greatest. We also have several other boards such; photography, stamping, swapping etc. You'll spend all day there so be prepared. =)

Looking forward to your other blog posts!

Ploni Almoni

Why weren't you supposed to eat the eggs on Easter?

It's a Christian thing, and not being Christian, I don't understand.

Scrapbook Guy

It has nothing to do with religion. When we lived in Thailand the eggs were filled with bacteria and we would get sick if we ate them. Mom just found a creative way to make easter eggs.

Scrapbook Guy

Thanks Pete. I will definitely have to check twopeasinabucketout.com out, although I am not really a scrapbooker. Cute Girl would tell you that I anything over construction paper and crayons is above my ability. But I make a good assistant and definitely want to learn about the thing she is so passionate about.

Scrapbook Guy

Thanks Nancy Jo. She has a degree in English, so I think my writing makes her head hurt, but if she asks I will definitely journal for her.


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