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Cute Girl

there's a girl that sure does love you.


Your picture of the gun cozy made my day! I will be thinking and chuckling all day long. Thanks.


Personally, I don't want my bf to get me anything scrapbook-related. I'm voting for your trip to the coast idea! If you do that and a small gift card to a craft store she likes that would be perfect- you get to have a fun trip together AND when you get home she can scrapbook all the photos and memories from the trip (with th gift card you got her)! If there is anything most scrapbookers like more than scrapbooking, it is creating new memories to scrap about!

Nancy Jo

I'm thinking 3 day trip to the coast is the best idea too. Only first research and see if you can find any scrapbook stores there and work those into your plans.

If you try to make something for her do a craft she doesn't do. Or make her something that will hold some craft supplies.

Do you have any locks or deadbolts that need changing? DH just used his Dremel this weekend to install new deadbolts.

Love the acronyms - looking forward to more.

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