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Awesome and thought provoking. It sounds like on some level you really get it. Not just the hobby but the female mentality as well.


Wow. That is a amazing story. If this is your love, be there for her, like you have had to be. Understand that she feels she HAS to be there for her mom. Having someone to know is there will be the world to her.


I just spent a good chunk of time reading your blog and I've come to the conclusion that everyman in the world should aspire to be you. Love it! Also my thoughts go out to your Cute Girl and her mom.

Michele in Texas

I'm glad you posted on the 2Peas blog. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know my husband was a hostage at Michael's! You are more understanding than you know. But seriously, why not a Harley?

Sue Clarke

I am so glad to read a new entry on your blog. You have a gift with words. The day getting your tree sounds so romantic. BELIEVE is the word for relationships...we must believe that we will make it through anything. My thoughts are with you, Cute Girl and her Mom. Enjoy the time you have together and I'm betting that Cute Girl will be very glad that she is there for her Mom (and you for being there for her). Thanks for the update.

Sue Clarke

Waiting for more words from you and hoping that all is well with you, Cute Girl and her Mom.


i love your perspective on the scrapbook world! can't wait to see more. good luck to you, cute girl and her mom.


I would love to hear an update with you and cute girl! :)

kathy marie

this is seriously the coolest blog ever! I hope you can update us on cute girl and mom. I'm a suzuki girl myself :D


I love your blog. I hope to hear more about all of you.


thank you for sharing that last post. You can hear the love in your post.

2Peas just put a link to your blog. I hope you will update it and hope happier times have fallen at your feet. This has been a tough year for me but I've scrapbooked it and that makes it easier. Validates what we have going on.

thanks for the peek in your world.

Sue Clarke

I am not a stalker but I am missing your blog posts.

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